Safety Consulting

Safety is a huge focus for modern business. 

Top down process driven safety will not achieve the results alone.

Human interactions play a huge role in determining safe actions and the development of a safety culture in an organisation. We can help you develop a safety management system combined with training that empowers workers to act safely.


We have consulted on many different projects including:

  • Operating at Height SOPs – Department of Conservation – 2013
  • Safety Management System – Big Rock Canyons – 2009 & 2013
  • Incident Management and Pre-plans – Antarctica New Zealand – 2008
  • Cave SAR Guide – New Zealand Speleological Society (NZSS) – 2010
  • Incident Management Guidelines – Land SAR, NZ Police – 2006
  • Back Country Technical Rescue Standards – LandSAR – 2004

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Examples of our work

Big Rock Canyons
Operating Procedures

Risk Change Management Programme (RCMP)

 RCMP is a two-day experiential program designed to increase the understanding of Risk Management in the workplace and to develop workplace reading/influencing people skills to shift behaviours in line with risk management principles.

RCMP utilizes the latest in Risk Management and Human Skills Factors understanding to produce an experience that blurs the boundary between the two areas. Inherently, the best place for risk management is embedded within the culture of the organisation. Only then and as a result of full employee engagement will the organisation start to see sustained and consistent risk management practices.

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Programme run in conjunction with Risk Response + Rescue.

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