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Let’s face it. Getting what you want doesn’t happen very often. Seeing your vision down in a visual way with drawings, design, photographs, and creative copy. Our custom publications really do deliver all this.

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Gorgeous Design

We take pride in developing engaging publications that look good. We design with your organisations logo and branding in mind.

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We take your expertise and deliver an easy to read format. The combination of text, drawings, images and layout makes your publication come to life.

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Technical Manuals, Staff Handbooks, Field Guides and Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Safety and Emergency Checklists



A6 waterproof

  • 200+ pages
  • 250+ drawings and images
  •  Top bound

a5 gloss paper

  • 198 pages
  • 200+ drawings and images
  •  Side bound


  • 40 pages
  • 30+ drawings and images
  •  Top bound
JASART manual 2021

A5 Recycled paper

  • 265+ pages
  • 200+ drawings and images
  •  Side bound
ATRFG 2019 V4.0


  • 128 pages
  • 140 drawings and images
  •  Top bound
Search FG 2021


  • 126 pages
  • 85 drawings and images
  •  Top bound

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We have over 1000 stock drawings and images available. These are mostly technical type drawings in the area of rigging, rope rescue, swift water/whitewater, alpine/glacier and canyoning including:

  • Knotcraft
  • Equipment
  • Water hazards and rescue
  • Abseiling
  • Ascending
  • Anchors
  • Pitch rigging and setup
  • Belaying
  • Lowering
  • Raising/Pulley systems
  • Communication
  • Directionals
  • Stretchers
  • Forces

A drawing is a 2D object that is usually a single object that is represented digitally using Adobe Illustrator.

A single drawing can also be multi-stage sequence of a simple object. A good example of this would be tying a knot. It may a 3 or 4 step sequence however we consider this one drawing for the purpose of any proposals.

We try to give you value for money and wish to work with you to get your ideas and concepts into reality. Feel free to contact us and chat about your ideas.

You own the PDF print ready version of the document supplied, the JPGs of the new drawings supplied, and the new native format files e.g. Indesign and Illustrator files.

All stock drawings and images are owned by Over the Edge Rescue. You are licensed to use the drawings and images as part of your own publications.

You are not able to resell the stock drawings and images individually.

You will be supplied JPGs of the stock drawings and images as part of the packaged Indesign file.

You would retain the ownership of any material you supply such as words, images and drawings.

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7 ways to make your safety information more engaging for staff.

A few years ago I started up an adventure tourism company. Before we could operate I had to create a safety management plan (for an audit). I spent many days crafting a wonderful plan. Now I needed to get this information into a format that our staff would love to use. It’s easy for the plan to sit in a set of folders on the office wall or on your computer. If you ask staff to read it, then expect a glazed over look. So, how do you make sure this information is in the hands of your staff when the rubber meets the road? You need to have staff buy into implementing safety in your organisation. Here are 7 ways to get you started on engaging your staff with safety management plans.

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