More and more about less and less

More and more about less and less.

This idea has been rolling around between the ears for some time – so time to release it to the world.

If we have more and more information about finer and finer detail that makes no difference to our practice then why do we need it?

This finer and finer detail is often in conflict with good decision making in the field where simplified is best. I have seen it many times, overthinking leading to nothing happening (paralysis by analysis). Or trying to use all the information in your head at once (putting it through the complicator).

Facilitating a course recently I handed out a 186-page book. 3 days in I made the comment to a student that we were only using about 4 pages, which they agreed with. On reflection, I realised we were covering a lot more, however, it was integrated and disguised as a series of learnings and flow in what we were doing.

Information is just information without meaning. So we need some place to hang our hats. Otherwise, the hats are just blowing in the breeze. Flitting from one thing to the next but without substance. Lonely bits of information like flies attracted to light. Buzzing around excited but without purpose.

I remember having a conversation with my son’s teacher at his school. He said his role had changed. He no longer had the job of the holder of information, as you could find what you needed on the internet. He instead guided the learning, assisted with interpretation and gave meaning to the information.

The journey has been a long one but here I am thinking principle-based, simplified, intuitive learning and performance is the way forward.

That would be something.

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