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Which bends for joining ropes?

Which bends for joining ropes? joining-bends-testing-2015

This article has been updated in 2020 with all the bends retested and lots more information on variations including small and large diameters. Check it out: Which bends for joining ropes update – CLICK HERE Which bend for joining ropes? Testing and analysis of flat bends used for rope retrieval As part of writing the Canyoning […]

Abseiling: 5 ways to improve

Abseiling: 5 ways to improve abseiling-imp-grotto-canyoning-festival-web

Abseiling: 5 ways to improve. Lessons learnt from abseiling in a canyon. When I first started canyoning several years ago I had to adapt my abseiling (rappelling) technique to this environment. A few things were the same and many things were different (or as is often said ‘same-same but different’). I had come from a […]

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