Canyon Rope Rescue Testing

Canyon Rope Rescue Testing 2021

In February 2019, a team of people from the NZ Canyoning Association got together for a weekend to discuss setting up CanyonSAR for New Zealand (as a specialist discipline under New Zealand Land SAR).

As part of this weekend, we discussed and practised rope rescue in the canyoning context with training as a focus.

Out of this discussion and practice came:

  • The types of rope rescues we were likely to do?
  • Who are the rescuers, their experience level and how many are likely to be on a team?
  • The techniques we are likely to use, based on the types of rescue.
  • The equipment used based on what canyoners have with them is flexible for all the techniques.
  • Based on risk assessment in a canyon context, the critical rescue principles include the types of rope rescues, the rescuers, techniques, and equipment.

In October 2019, we undertook some initial testing before rolling out Canyon Rescue courses throughout New Zealand. After the courses, there were more questions and a process of filling in the gaps of knowledge. Over the rest of 2019, 2020 and 2021, we undertook several more rounds of testing to confirm further the suitability and define the edges of the system we were using.

Overall, 220 tests were undertaken with over 400m of rope and lots of devices destroyed. 

We had funding supported by New Zealand Land Search and Rescue Training Limited and the New Zealand Canyoning Association (NZCA) project support.

Figure-8 device testing

Check out the Canyon Rescue Testing Report 2021 below.


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